Strange Closets

This Sunday we were graced with Tate Gunnerson and his camera. Tate explores art and design through his web site  where he visits peoples homes and captures their unique take on interior design. For the occasion  we invited a couple of friends over Doug, Jacqui, Diane, Antonio and Xochitl, for an impromptu brunch/tasting. Knowing of the big catering event comming up this weekend we decided to sample some recipes and plating. We went ahead with chinese five spice carne asada egg rolls with coconut guacamole and hot - sour sauce; the crab spoons with lemongrass and coconut soup, which gladly was tested for the amount of fish sauce quickly exceeded what was preferred. And we ended with the crowd pleasing Sliders, of Kobe beef with julienned  roast poblanos and queso fresca, which we sliced instead of crumbled allowing for more of a focused creamy flavor and a delightful texture once you bit into it and the cheese begins to fall apart, a little dollop of aioli whipped with lemon zest added just another layer of flavor and a little acid in a rich bite. 


Brian, Tate, Mikey



Crab spoons, lemongrass soup, with achiote oil and cilantro


Eggrols, hot-sour sauce, coconut guacamole,


Kobe sliders, queso fresca, poblano,