We had been wanting to work on a steak presentation for a while, and an elotes dish, so this was the confluence of the two. This was actually from a week ago it took a little longer than we wanted to post, though here it is! We had some nice steaks from Allen Brothers, a 16oz Ribeye and a 32oz Porterhouse, really beautiful steaks. We opted on pan searing to lock in the juices and then basting it in the oven with butter and thyme. It created a really succulent meat with a perfect char. We do love the taste of smoke though you can loose so many juices on the grill and there is a little more control inside. Elotes which are common Mexican street food, consisting of corn on the cob, smothered with mayonnaise then sprinkled with cayenne pepper and topped with queso fresco. These are a little more deconstructed, we did a 'creamed corn' where you puree half the corn with a little water then strain to have the juice of the corn, simmer this until it thickens, it will do this naturally from the inherent starch, the 'corn starch', mount in some butter and mix in the remaining cooked corn. Voila! The cheese was crumbled across the steak and the heat came in the form of another spanish favorite 'Potatos Bravas'. Perfectly roasted potatoes cubed and placed over a bravas sauce, a spicy tomato based sauce.  All in all the flavors were spot on, the only change would be to tighten up the corn on the plate, underneath the  steak as opposed to a smear. Though the dots of sauce with the perfectly cubed potatoes were a hit!

Green beans with garlic, lemon, chorizo and bacon