for aimee!

for project interior guru only:

how many seats?!

the perfectly delicious gift is a yo soy gift certificate!

how many certificates?

we have the perfect gift in mind for the holiday season, or heck, for any occasion: a yo soy underground supper experience! choose as many as you like, we can mail the certificate out for you, or we can give you the file to print on whatever paper you'd like, or we can email a personalized certificate from you. so many options! so, wait no longer! hurry your loved one is hungry for something new! 

*once purchased, the recipient will have one year to redeem at any of our suppers, and a lifetime to thank you for this meal!

YO SOY! Mexican Inspired Goodness!

Welcome to Yo Soy! Here we want to share with you our passions about food, wine, design and art. And how the confluence of these forces shape our ideology by morphing bold graphics with bold flavor combinations. Throughout the many years of working in the hospitality industry, we have found our little niche to call home! Yo Soy is our outlet to the influences, the gripes, the unveiling of cuisine myths to get to the ultimate goal of food + fun = yo soy! We will show you what the dining world in Chicago, as well as many other places we visit, has to offer. We are glad you have found us! Now, let's dish!