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Yo Soy seats available for April and May!

We are ready to Spring forward with our suppers for the next two months! check it out:

 April 12th (Saturday)- SOLD OUT


13th (Sunday) - a few remaining! 

Chicago is finally thawing out little by little. Spring is here, and we welcome her with open arms (and a jacket)! We are happy to see the sun shining on our pale chicago skin and all of the people out and about in their best spring colored clothes! Tis the season to start defrosting, socializing and taking advantage of what this wonderful city has to offer! We thought we could further lure you out of hibernation with the temptation of an extraordinary meal that is themed after this wonderous time of the year. The menu will be a play off of the springtime in chicago, so look out for dishes like a cool yet spicy soup, or a chile that you bite into that is sweet! It will mess with your mind, much like an april fool would. Spring forward and reserve your seat HERE!

May 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday):

We are celebrating the infamous holiday known in Mexico as "The battle of Puebla" , in the United States we call it "Cinco de Mayo" in a major culinary way. We have planned a Mexican-French five course meal to represent the true meaning behind this holiday. The Mexican - French idea was spawn from the original date of May 5, 1862 when the Mexican army in the state of Puebla, Mexico defeated the French army who was considered the "World's most superior military" at that time. After revisiting that point in history, we decided the menu should have a unique play on this event and create a meal that would have been had if things would have turned out in a more peaceful scenario. That's right, we are looking to rewrite history via food! What if the French and Mexican armies would have put down their guns, and picked up cooking pans, forks and knives, and became amigos at a communal table? That is the thinking behind the menu items we are preparing for this meal, and we are completely stoked about the numerous fantastic dishes that are going to come out of this partnership. This meal is sure to make your palate scream "je t'aime mucho!". Grab your seat HERE!



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