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dia de los muertos supper- celebrity edición 

We loathe the time of the year when the weather is no longer bright, hot and sunny, but we love to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and that is exactly what the fall brings us, so we will take it! Chicago is officially in Fall season and that means we are preparing recipes and menus that will be filled to the brim with apples, cinammon, pumpkins, rich gravies, etc. It also means we get to belaud one of Mexico's biggest reason to get dressed up and eat and drink like there is no tommorow, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS! for those unfamiliar, it is a holiday that is celebrated in many different ways, but mainly it is set aside for you to remember loved ones who have passed and honor their life by making ofrendas either at their gravesite or in your home. ofrendas are make shift altars that are all very unique since they are made to host the foods, drink, and favorite items of a deceased love one. Typically, friends and family would gather and share great memories of the loved one who has passed on and celebrate life by over-indulging (in our case) in the favored foods and beverages of the deceased. DISCLOSURE: The definition we have stated here is a very broad and shortened version, but you get the gist.

We are going to celebrate this fantastic holiday by creating a meal with the core idea of "honoring loved ones that have passed", but the dearly departed we will be honoring via food are not any of our family members, but celebrities that are no longer with us. We are just like anybody else, just because we love food and are particluar about comida, and snobs about spices, doesn't mean we don't have our guilty pleasure of love for celebrities! #dontjudge

We will pay homeage and turn our communal dining table into a edible ofrenda where we will prepare a five course meal that is to celebrate the lives of some of our favorite celebrities that have made a journey to the pearly gates. Each course we will present will honor a different celebrity. We cannot wait! We are so excited about it that we cannot wait to share some of the menu items/celebrity tributes, so here is a sneak peek into some ideas that will be incorporated into the meal:

SELENA (duh! you knew we have to have her) : Amole prohibido (forbidden rice, mole)

JOAN RIVERS ( double duh!) : Rio Grande (matzo ball, mexican chile, pozole)

No more give aways. You have to attend to taste and see all the rest. Seats go quick, so book yours STAT!

saturday october 25th seats purchase here:



sunday october 26th seats purchase here:


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