A bit about Yo Soy Underground supper :
We host unique dining experiences at museums, art galleries, cafés, private homes, and other non-traditional settings with the goal of redefining the way we dine and connect with food. Yo Soy's "Mexican Inspired" menu is theme-based and carefully assembled drawing from our travels, holidays, and other unique ideas not normally explored by restaurants. 
The term "Underground Supper" refers to the fact that the culinary experiences created by Yo Soy are constantly on the move, and have a high elusive factor. The "Pop-Up Suppers" are more defined by the meal being held at numerous locations around the city of Chicago. Yo Soy "Pop Up's" are in traditional, or non-traditional restaurant locations and create experiences that are sometimes "one-time" only events or an ongoing once a month visiting chef experience. The setting of the meals consists of communal tables of food lovers, artists, adventurous diners, etc,. Diners are notified via social media or word of mouth about the supper, and are typically given disclosure of the location eight hours before the event is to take place. Seats to the events are available only through our website and limited in availability.
Yo Soy Underground Supper is a labor of love that has allowed foodies, friends and strangers to gather over the past five years, allowing us the opportunity to experiment with different recipes and menu items that we hope to one day showcase in our very own restaurant. We cannot wait to meet and feed you! 




August = Honeymoon

It was nice to get a chance to squeeze in a pop up supper this month between our wedding vows and our upcoming honeymoon! We are thrilled with the turn out and the new location that we found in wicker park! And...we would be doing a huge disservice to those who could not attend the supper to not fill you in on the musical talent from that night as well. Wild Skies was out of this world! They are not only hugely talented, but also some of the nicest guys you will meet. Check out their webpage for free downloads here! We will definitely be visitng that space in wicker park again and having Wild Skies perform at another supper soon. We have no public supper dates available for August, but stay tuned for a few dates in September! Here is a small peek into our last supper "Sons of a Beach"!

Sons of Beaches- added seats!

The demand is high and we had to change locations to make sure all those in waiting can get a seat as well! We have found a larger venue in wicker park and have a few more seats available! grab yours quick! they are going quicker than a sand crab!


second round of seats sold out! See you all tommorow!!



Hello our foodie flock of seagulls! We have officially sold out of our 'Sons of Beaches" July 27th supper. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for last minute openings please send us a message at : yosoychicago@gmail.com

knot is tied, now back into the kitchen!

We are freshly hitched and cannot be more excited about our renewed vigor for all things Mikey & Brian! One major renewed factor is our delicious company Yo Soy underground supper. I know we said that we were going to lay low after our last "Summer Loving" supper to focus on our nuptials, but we have missed hosting our monthly culinary adventure! We have been in hiding creating an unforgettable wedding for ourselves for long enough and now that the glorious day has come and gone, it should be back to work as usual. We have a few weeks until our honeymoon and figured that is enough time to squeeze in one night of a deliciously awesome meal to continue the celebration of summer! 

So, enough about us and our wedding, let's get back to our passion of cooking and entertaining YOU! We have been inspired by the recent visitation of our families from our "beachy" hometowns that line the coast of Texas and Florida. Being around all of these sandcombers sparked an idea for us to create a meal all about summer beach foods, all with a Mexican twist of course! Our bright eyes are fully opened and soaking up all things playa-inspired to create this meal! We have some pretty awesome ideas so far and cannot wait to keep running with them and getting to share the final menu with you! So hurry up and grab your seat you silly sandpiper, they tend to go as fast as our summer months here in Chicago!

It's great to be back! Sea you soon! (get it, beach theme, sea? see? LOL!)



$50 pp/ tax and grat not included

location revealed day of via email ( hint:lakeview ) NEW HINT: WICKER PARK


singer/songwriter performance

seats must be pre-purchased

sunday , july 27th  6:30 pm

dinner time frame 6:30-9:00pm-ish

Going to the Chapel! 

A humongous hug to all that were in attendance for our "Summer loving" supper. It means so much to have such a great following of food (and life) lovers! We will post the date for our next supper soon. We are doing double duty with the planning of our big day and a pop-up supper before the honeymoon in August! Abrazos!