A bit about Yo Soy Underground supper :
We host unique dining experiences at museums, art galleries, cafés, private homes, and other non-traditional settings with the goal of redefining the way we dine and connect with food. Yo Soy's "Mexican Inspired" menu is theme-based and carefully assembled drawing from our travels, holidays, and other unique ideas not normally explored by restaurants. 
The term "Underground Supper" refers to the fact that the culinary experiences created by Yo Soy are constantly on the move, and have a high elusive factor. The "Pop-Up Suppers" are more defined by the meal being held at numerous locations around the city of Chicago. Yo Soy "Pop Up's" are in traditional, or non-traditional restaurant locations and create experiences that are sometimes "one-time" only events or an ongoing once a month visiting chef experience. The setting of the meals consists of communal tables of food lovers, artists, adventurous diners, etc,. Diners are notified via social media or word of mouth about the supper, and are typically given disclosure of the location eight hours before the event is to take place. Seats to the events are available only through our website and limited in availability.
Yo Soy Underground Supper is a labor of love that has allowed foodies, friends and strangers to gather over the past five years, allowing us the opportunity to experiment with different recipes and menu items that we hope to one day showcase in our very own restaurant. We cannot wait to meet and feed you! 




Inspired & Hungry

Here's a quick peek into the inspiration for our next supper, VIVA SELENA. We watch numerous videos, research interviews, read articles, etc. to come up with our menu for this annual meal (which we go crazy about!). We wanted to show you a bit of what we are watching now for the inspiration of one of the courses. Enjoy!


p.s.- The Riverwalk in San Antonio is in this video! She was putting South Texas on the map y'all!



"¡VIVA SELENA!" supper 03.16.14- SOLD OUT

Yo Soy is all about art. Art in all forms. We represent the culinary arts with Yo Soy, but also use our suppers as a platform to feature and celebrate all other facets of artistic expression. Next month we are highlighting a musical artist that is huge in the Mexican community. The March meal is our fourth annual tribute meal to the "Mexican Madonna", Selena, and the date is set in stone! On Sunday, March 16th, 2014 we will create a meal that will pay the proper respects via food to a native of Mikey's hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. Selena Quintanilla was an artist that made a huge impact in the music scene, and put Mexican American singer/songwriter artists' on the table to be dealt with seriously. Selena was a great talent and has a huge following to this day. Her untimely death was a great loss to the Mexican American community and it was a tragic day when her life was cut short in March 1995. This will be our fourth year to celebrate the life of this iconic Mexican American figure, and we personally love this supper (almost too much). The blaring of "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" can be heard 5 buildings down during the preparation of this meal. There is no shame in the impromptu dancing that happens while our curtains are wide open! For those who have yet to make one of our ¡VIVA SELENA! suppers, grab your seat quick! This supper is one of the most anticipated of the year with our regulars since there is a lot of soul in this meal, festive Selena numbers and delicious comida! 


Yo Soy "¡Oye Valentín!" recap, and date for March supper!

What a celebration we had last Sunday! There was a ton of new guests, some regulars, and some we have not seen in a few years. We were stoked that the group we had for this meal was so great and receptive to the theme of the evening. The place was adorned in red to highlight the "Day of love and friendship" meal, the meal was designed around the holiday.

Take a look at the menu:


1). juan-tons: poblano rajas wontons, tomatillo-serrano salsa
2). tender loving carotine: carrot star anise soup, guajillo crema
3).  be mayan valentine: sole, pollo pibil, frijoles, pickled onion
4).  that's a-mole!: beef braised in mole dojo, puree de papas, brussels sprouts
5).  love pudding: caramelized puffed rice, blood orange, spiced chocolate

 and some photos:

We are excited about the next supper set for Sunday March 16th, 2014! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the email with seat availability! 


Yo Soy "¡Oye Valentín!" 02.16.14 Supper*sold out

Welp, it is here. The month some people dread. February. The month of Valentine's Day. Whether you are single or in a relationship and stress on what to do for your loved one that shows how much you appreciate and adore them, it can be a hard time of the year. Well, no fear! Yo Soy is here! We have crafted a meal that is sure to satisfy and satiate your cherished cherub, great friend, or just to treat yourself. We are celebrating the tradition in a fantastic Mexican way: "El Dia del amor y la Amistad" also known as "day of Love and Friendship". Mexico has the right idea when it comes to this celebration! It is a great way to be inclusive of all relationship statuses and to show all loved ones in your life how much you appreciate them. The menu will consist of foods that represent friendship, love and adoration all with a great Mexican twist to the courses. So bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a lover, bring a spouse, heck, bring a family member to show them how much love you have for them. Celebrate over a great meal that we have prepared for you with a ton of love as the main ingredient. Grab your seats STAT, they tend to go as fast as a cupid's arrow! 


Sunday 02.16.14  at 6:30 pm

5 course meal


Location of supper announced day of via email at noon

$55 per person (tax and gratuity not included)

Time frame of meal is 6:30pm-8:30pm-ish


Yo Soy "LUCKY AÑO" 1.18.14 supper SOLD OUT!

We have sold out of seats for our 01.18.14 supper. Please email us to be put on the wait list in case there are any last minute openings. Have a great week!

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