A bit about Yo Soy Underground supper :
We host unique dining experiences at museums, art galleries, cafés, private homes, and other non-traditional settings with the goal of redefining the way we dine and connect with food. Yo Soy's "Mexican Inspired" menu is theme-based and carefully assembled drawing from our travels, holidays, and other unique ideas not normally explored by restaurants. 
The term "Underground Supper" refers to the fact that the culinary experiences created by Yo Soy are constantly on the move, and have a high elusive factor. The "Pop-Up Suppers" are more defined by the meal being held at numerous locations around the city of Chicago. Yo Soy "Pop Up's" are in traditional, or non-traditional restaurant locations and create experiences that are sometimes "one-time" only events or an ongoing once a month visiting chef experience. The setting of the meals consists of communal tables of food lovers, artists, adventurous diners, etc,. Diners are notified via social media or word of mouth about the supper, and are typically given disclosure of the location eight hours before the event is to take place. Seats to the events are available only through our website and limited in availability.
Yo Soy Underground Supper is a labor of love that has allowed foodies, friends and strangers to gather over the past five years, allowing us the opportunity to experiment with different recipes and menu items that we hope to one day showcase in our very own restaurant. We cannot wait to meet and feed you! 





It is that time of the year again. We are having to say goodbye to Summer and Hola to Fall. I know, I know, it means we are going to start to feel the chill in the air, and have to get our our cardigans, hats, gloves, jackets and all of those other things that fend off the chill. BUT, it does mean we will get to have tasty, hearty meals and awesome pumpkin and apple spiced deliciousness all around. And those thoughts of Fall foods make us smile. Sometimes you have to look on the brighter side of things, even if the "brighter side" is kinda chilly. 

Aside from the change in seasons, September 15th - October 15 is National Latino Heritage Month (NLHM), and we are so glad to be representing Mexico in this spectrum of Latino Pride of culture, food and tradition. Another special date is September 16th, which is Mexican Independence Day. We have so many great things to celebrate this month, we can hardly contain ourselves! It was tough trying to decide if we should do a menu that represents a lot of Latin favorites to honor NLHM, but alas, we chose to stay true to our Mexican roots. We have decided to honor Beautiful Mexico to help celebrate her special day of Independence. We will be a little late in the celebration since the 16th is a few days away from the 21st, but we figured we should keep the celebration going and spread out the festivities for another 5 days! We have created a menu that shows the great food gamut that Mexico has to offer from region to region, and we even throw in a dessert from a Tex-Mexican's (Mikey Corona from Yo Soy) fascination with a current food craze for "cronuts" a.k.a. croissant-donuts with our added Mexican spices and sweet cajeta! it.is.going.to.be.insane.



next supper date set!

08.31.13 "VERY VERANO" seats available now!


"VERY VERANO" seats are ready for the picking! grab thgem while they are hot! 08.31.13 will be here faster than you know it! 


Summertime in the city!

Summer is our favorite season to celebrate here in Chicago. There are so many wonderfully fresh items we can choose from to create an awesome, refreshing and garden fresh menu. Our next supper is set for Saturday, August 31st, 2013. This menu is dedicated fully to summer and all of it's hot, sun-filled, glory! "VERY VERANO" summer supper seats are going to be up for purchase in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled to your email for updates, in the meantime, get outside and soak up some rays! VIVA EL VERANO!


the boys of yo soy

"BEET THE HEAT" wrap up!

Last night was fantastic! We put together a great meal, all with beets being the main ingredient and Mexican cuisine being the base we play off of. The creations were everything from a bright fuchsia hued beet cheese that filled our "Quesabeetla's" to the Russian chilled Borscht-inspired "From Russia con Amor" course. The course we were most terrified in making with beets was the sweet course, However, it turned out to be one of the most loved part of the menu. Who would've thunk a beet parfait would be the "root" of our smiles for the rest of the night! To add sweet on top of sweet, we had performer, Chadwick Stadt, enhance the night with his beautiful vocal talent. We thoroughly enjoyed the company that was in attendance as well, they were equally as bright and colorful as the beets we were serving! Stay posted for the August date and to keep up with what we have around the corner!  Check out the menu (and visuals in our "pics+menus and such"section):